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Our Mission


To nourish a culture of wellbeing for AdventHealth physicians, advanced practice providers, and their families through personal counseling, professional coaching, and educational programs.

Guiding Principles


All of our services and programs are based on three reciprocal domains of wellbeing, developed by Stanford WellMD: Personal Resilience, Efficiency of Practice, and Culture of Wellbeing. This model illustrates the strategic priorities of the CPW, using the metaphor of “mind, body, and spirit,” or in other words, whole-person care.

Personal Resilience (Mind)

Caring for others inevitably drains the energy of every physician. Utilizing practices that restore personal energy, engagement, and wellbeing are crucial. Click here to read more about the services that are designed to meet personal resiliency goals.

Efficiency of Process (Body)

Our services are guided by research findings and recommendations for effective organizational functioning. We strive to assist physicians and departments in creating a more positive work environment through team building, efficiency improvements, cultural sensitivity, and overall processes. Click here to read more about our services that are designed to meet the goals for efficient process.

Culture of Wellbeing (Spirit)

A healthy organizational culture in a hospital or healthcare facility must intentionally nourish and support the sanity and humanity of the physicians who serve that organization. Such a culture creates a sense of belonging and a palpable knowing within every caregiver that “the work we do together makes a difference in our own lives, and in the lives of those we serve.” Click here to read more about our services that are designed to help cultivate a culture of wellbeing.

Meet Our Team

Kathy Gibney, PhD, ABPP

Director, Psychologist

Dr. Kathy Gibney received her doctorate in counseling psychology from Northeastern University. She has provided counseling and education to individuals, couples and families in a variety of settings for more than 30 years. She envisions The CPW as a safe place for every physician to be heard and understood, to reconnect to the meaning in their work, to find ways to improve the quality of their personal and professional lives, and to connect more effectively with colleagues.

Alexandra Gleason-4x6_5164 sq.jpg

Alexandra Gleason, MA, LMHC

Psychotherapist, Flourish Program Coordinator

Alexandra Gleason is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She received her master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Rollins College, and has over 10 years of counseling experience in a variety of settings, including both individual and group therapy. She has a specialty in trauma treatment and is EMDR trained, as well as Critical Intervention Stress Management (CISM) trained. She presented at the 2012 ASGW National Conference on the topic of Mindfulness and Mediation. She has developed and facilitated a large variety of counseling groups including: team building, anger management, addictions, relationships, and mindfulness. Alexandra is currently coordinating and facilitating programming for physician residents’ resilience and wellbeing. Alexandra endeavors to help connect physicians to their “why”, and provide the tools and support to foster personal growth and resilience.

Amanda Mitchell

Communications Specialist

Amanda began her journey with AdventHealth as a communications and marketing intern for AdventHealth Waterman. Shortly after graduating with a dual degree in Public Relations and Anthropology from Lee University, she hopped a plane bound for Cambodia to work with a social-enterprise travel company. While in Cambodia, Amanda branched out as a freelance digital communications specialist working with clients that specialized in eco-friendly, sustainable tourism. Today, she is back at home with AdventHealth creating The Center for Physician Wellbeing website and coordinating all the moving pieces for The CPW’s events and retreats.



Burt Bertram, EdD, LMHC, LMFT

Consulting Psychotherapist

Dr. Burt Bertram received his doctorate from the University of Florida. He specializes in assisting individuals, couples, families and workgroups to productively identify, understand and resolve issues,

communication struggles and conflicts that are affecting their lives. He has made over 300 professional presentations at national and regional conferences and has conducted over 1,000 seminars for community and/or workplace audiences. Dr. Bertram is also Adjunct Professor of Counseling at Rollins College. A national expert on legal and ethical issues in counseling, he is the co-author of The Counselor and the Law.

Leigh DeLorenzi, PhD, LMHC, LMFT, NCC

Consulting Psychotherapist

Dr. Leigh DeLorenzi received her doctorate from University of Central Florida. She has a clinical specialty in child, adult, and family psychological trauma. She has served as an assistant professor for graduate programs in counseling at both Stetson University and Rollins College. She has developed dozens of trainings and graduate-level courses related to wellbeing, psychological assessment, career counseling, counseling theories, counseling techniques, group counseling, and the treatment of trauma. She is currently developing programs and conducting research in the areas of physician wellbeing and the professional, interpersonal, and intrapersonal conduct of helping professionals.

See Our Space


You are welcome to stop by The CPW anytime! We are located in the Medical Plaza at AdventHealth Orlando:

2501 N Orange Avenue, Suite 307

Orlando, FL 32804

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