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To nourish a culture of wellbeing for AdventHealth physicians, advanced practice providers, and their families through personal counseling, professional coaching, and educational programs.


Today, more than ever, the changing face of healthcare in America is creating an ever more complex, demanding, and frustrating environment in which to practice medicine. As these external stressors are added to the inherent challenges associated with the practice of medicine, the degree of purpose, social esteem and job satisfaction that has traditionally been afforded to doctors is being chipped away.

In response to this reality, The Center for Physician Wellbeing (CPW) at AdventHealth has been established to assist physicians and advanced practice providers  as they grapple to maintain their professional optimism, their sense of caring and connection to their patients, while at the same time, maintaining energy for their own personal world. In addition, the CPW is working with others in the organization to identify and capitalize on opportunities for systemic change that will create a more positive and fulfilling experience for our doctors.

The CPW provides consultation, coaching, counseling, education, workshops, retreats, and collegial relationship activities that are informed by current research and insight-oriented approaches. Our services aim to help physicians improve outlook, identify choices, and deepen interpersonal relationships. All interventions and initiatives are designed to promote self-care, prevent burnout and assist in the integration of life skills including resiliency, compassion, and effectiveness.


September Events

Mindfulness Group

September 4, 2019   |   12 - 1 pm

GME Surgery Conference Room

Married to Medicine: May I have your attention...Please!

September 18, 2019   |   6-8 pm

Leu Gardens

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Random Acts of Kindness

September 26, 2019   |   12 - 1 pm

The Center for Physician Wellbeing

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Horseback Riding

October 26, 2019   |   9-11 am


Cooking Class

November 10, 2019   |   1-4 pm

Emeril Lagasse Foundation Kitchen

To schedule an appointment, call our office at (407) 303-9674.

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