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Welcome AdventHealth Residents

This online portal was developed to provide easy access to education, resources, and strategies on building resiliency and cultivating wellbeing for AdventHealth residents.


Those in the helping profession can experience tremendous reward, including a sense of accomplishment, purpose and fulfillment. However, there are factors that also put them at risk for high stress and burnout.The dimensions of physician burnout are frequently described in literature as emotional exhaustion, depersonalization (treating people like objects) and a low sense of meaning and purpose in their work. The drivers of physician burnout are best viewed as, “...the sum total of hundreds and thousands of tiny betrayals of purpose, each one so minute that it hardly attracts notice.”

Over time, lack of trust, depleted energy, loss of belonging, helplessness, hopelessness, cynicism, and disillusionment make it difficult for physicians to connect to the personal meaning that led them to pursue medicine in the first place. Stressors can lead to psychological distress and physical symptoms that impact work performance, work satisfaction and patient safety, as well as effect personal dimensions such as relationships, life balance, and spiritual health.

Research suggests that residency in particular can be an exciting, yet stressful and often overwhelming time. Physicians face demands for perfection while learning voluminous amounts of new information.  Training accreditation programs are acutely aware of the stressors placed on professionals in medical training and have issued a call for health care institutions and programs to prioritize resident wellbeing and support. We at The Center for Physician Wellbeing (CPW) appreciate the importance of burnout prevention and resilience initiatives to cultivate an environment of wellbeing and self-care. These initiatives include, but are not limited to, education about burnout (signs, symptoms, treatment), stress management training, strategic wellbeing initiatives, mentoring, restorative events and retreats, counseling, coaching, and advocacy for systemic changes.

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