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Our Services

AdventHealth physicians, residents, and advanced practice providers qualify for 6 free counseling or coaching sessions with the CPW. All services are provided by experienced licensed mental health professionals trained to create a safe, trusting, and helpful environment. 

If you would like to make an appointment or receive more information about our services, call our office at (407) 303-9674.


We offer professional, evidence-based counseling focused on the findings of neuroscience that inform treatment. Counseling can be an effective, efficient way for individuals to overcome hardship, increase confidence and improve quality of life. Counseling is a process that utilizes various interventions and strategies to reduce symptoms, improve functioning, and develop coping skills.

Types of counseling available:​ 


Working with a trained, objective professional can help you define goals, develop action steps to achieve those goals, and overcome any barriers getting in your way of success. Coaching is beneficial for those who are generally functioning well, and who want to improve in one or more areas so that they can be their best selves and live a life with meaning, purpose and fulfillment. Examples of areas to address in coaching sessions:

  • Personal: Live out values, create balance, discover meaning and purpose, achieve holistic wellbeing.

  • Professional: Increase confidence, improve performance, explore goals and interests, communication skills, overcome self-doubt, improve assertiveness, career transition, navigate work environment, manage conflict effectively, work/life balance, unlock creativity and potential.

  • Relationship: Identify sources of conflict, deepen connections, find a sense of belonging, improve intimacy.

Coaching is available for individuals as well as teams.


We have developed a “menu” of wellbeing workshops specifically for our physicians and APPs. Our workshops offer the opportunity to learn, practice new skills, de-stress, connect and have fun! 


We've partnered with CREATION Health and can now help you earn points towards your CREATION Health Employees Wellness Incentive. For more information, including which events qualify, click here.


Educational Workshops


Educational workshops provide knowledge and skill development in the areas of parenting, self-care, moral injury in healthcare, interpersonal communication, healthy relationships, and more! These workshops function as a “lunch and learn” experience, and were scheduled for your convenience. Click here to explore our available educational workshops.


Experiential Workshops​

Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience and is both an active and reflective process. Experiential workshops focus on gaining knowledge/skills firsthand, instead of simply hearing or reading about a topic. They are fun, hands-on groups which include activities such as cooking, mindfulness meditation, couples dinners, and nature-based adventures! Click here to explore our available experiential workshops.

Visit our Events page for more information, including workshop descriptions, dates, times, and locations.

The Center for Physician Wellbeing is available to host other workshops and events upon request. Please call our office at (407) 303-9674 for more information.

Resilience Rounds

Originally developed as part of Flourish, our wellbeing program for AdventHealth residents, Resilience Rounds has become a popular CPW event among physicians and APPs as well. This event provides a much needed break and a chance to rejuvenate during a busy day, or if held in the morning, a great way to set a mindful and relaxed tone before the day begins.


Resilience Rounds include wellbeing activities such as chair massages, therapy dogs, and yoga/stretching and breathing exercises. 

If you are interested in hosting Resilience Rounds for your physicians, residents, and APPs, call our office at (407) 303-9674

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