Our Mission


To nourish a culture of wellbeing for AdventHealth physicians, advanced practice providers, and their families through personal counseling and educational programs.

Guiding Principles


All of our services and programs are based on three reciprocal domains of wellbeing, developed by Stanford WellMD: Personal Resilience, Efficiency of Practice, and Culture of Wellbeing. This model illustrates the strategic priorities of the CPW, using the metaphor of “mind, body, and spirit,” or in other words, whole-person care.

Personal Resilience (Mind)

Caring for others inevitably drains the energy of every physician. Utilizing practices that restore personal energy, engagement, and wellbeing are crucial. 

Efficiency of Process (Body)

Our services are guided by research findings and recommendations for effective organizational functioning. We strive to assist physicians and departments in creating a more positive work environment through team building, efficiency improvements, cultural sensitivity, and overall processes. 

Culture of Wellbeing (Spirit)

A healthy organizational culture in a hospital or healthcare facility must intentionally nourish and support the sanity and humanity of the physicians who serve that organization. Such a culture creates a sense of belonging and a palpable knowing within every caregiver that “the work we do together makes a difference in our own lives, and in the lives of those we serve.” 


Meet the Team

Tyon Hall_6288.jpg

Tyon Hall, PhD, LMFT

Director, Psychotherapist

Dr. Tyon Hall is a psychotherapist specializing in couples and family therapy. Dr. Hall received a Bachelors degree from Florida State University and a Masters and Doctorate from Nova Southeastern University. As a certified provider of cognitive processing therapy and integrative behavioral couples therapy, Dr. Hall has presented nationally and internationally on issues that affect the family. She is the past president of the Florida Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and the current president of the Florida Family Therapy Alliance. Humanistic modalities inform her treatment approach, including the Gottman Method for couples counseling for which she was as a national trainer. Dr. Hall is a passionate leader in addressing mental health challenges. With over 18 years of experience working in non-profit and federal government organizations, she has developed a niche in treating couples who experience high conflict due to trauma. She understands the delicate nuances of work and culture and how it informs relational interactions. Her goal is to provide a safe, culturally competent, whole-person approach in the treatment of therapy to healthcare providers.

Amanda Mitchell-4x6_0619.jpg

Amanda Mitchell

Physician Culture Specialist

Amanda manages marketing, communications and logistics for the CPW and the Department of Professionalism. She has worked with the CPW since 2016 and in the fall of 2019 helped launch the new Department of Professionalism. She is currently working on her

MBA-HA at Stetson University and AdventHealth University. Prior to working for AdventHealth, Amanda handled communications for a small travel company in Siem Reap, Cambodia.